In Khayam Planetarium complex there are three departments working together in order to make your visit as memorable as possible. In the sections below you can read more about what we do in these departments.


Here we try to encourage everyone to take a step and enjoy the beauties of the night sky and universe as we do. We define different projects and anyone can learn how to do them. Organizing public and private sky observations, astronomy courses and doing research on different astronomical subjects are parts of what we aim to accomplish in our Astronomy Department. You can also have your own VIP show, just ask. Our team can deliver awe-inspiring, interactive experiences that visitors will remember long after your event is over. Whether you want hands-on experiments in a tent or stage performances, you can pick and choose from our activities to create a package that suits you.

Science Center

In this place some of the physical laws are simulated in an astonishing way so that both children and adults can watch and learn the laws of universe in front of them. Here we make everything real. Also a timeline of universe evolution is presented and you can learn about humans’ and animals’ body evolution as you walk down the science hall.


The science museum offers a wealth of exciting opportunities to learn, develop and achieve amazing things. Explore the science museum’s international collection of fascinating objects and library. We share our unparalleled collection of spanning science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine.