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NASA’s Planet-Hunting Kepler Space Telescope Is Done

For NASA’s Kepler space telescope, the world will end in ice rather than fire. Kepler, which is responsible for 70 percent of the roughly 3,800 confirmed exoplanet discoveries to date, has closed its powerful eyes. The prolific telescope is out of fuel and will be decommissioned in the next week or two, NASA officials announced yesterday (Oct. […]

Hubble Space Telescope Apparently in ‘Safe Mode’ After Gyroscope Failure

NASA’s iconic Hubble Space Telescope is out of action for the time being. Hubble, which has been observing the heavens since 1990, went into a protective safe mode after another one of its orientation-maintaining gyroscopes failed, mission team members said Sunday night (Oct. 7). “It’s true. Very stressful weekend. Right now HST is in safe mode while […]

NASA Wants the Moon Again (and Mars, Too!) As Agency Turns 60

What’s past is prologue for NASA, at least in terms of human spaceflight. The United States is working to put boots back on the moon, as the nation did during the Apollo era nearly five decades ago, NASA chief Jim Bridenstine stressed during a video message to commemorate the agency’s 60th birthday today (Oct. 1). “President [Dwight] […]

Is There Water on Jupiter? Great Red Spot May Hold the Answer

Jupiter’s iconic storm, the Great Red Spot, may have just clued scientists in on an enthralling secret: the giant planet might have water. Jupiter is a special world. It’s the largest planet in our solar system, and likely was the first body to funnel the sun’s leftover elements to form, according to NASA. So, it’s no surprise, […]

Astronomy for Beginners

Ali Matinfar captured this image of stargazers under the Milky Way from the Mesr Desert in Iran. Ali Matinfar / Online Photo Gallery Did the astronomy bug bite you while you were out last night? Feeling inspired to learn about the wonders of the sky, the solar system, and all the science behind them? Let this page […]

Most people’s preparations for last year’s total solar eclipse involved tracking down protective glasses and booking hotels, but Zoran Mikic and his colleagues had another task on their plate: predicting what precisely the stunning spectacle would look like. That’s because Mikic is a solar scientist at Predictive Science Inc., a company that tackles scientific challenges, including modeling […]

Space Calendar 2018: Launches, Sky Events & More

September Sept. 9: New moon Sept. 9: A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Telstar 18 Vantage communications satellite, also known as Apstar 5C, from Cape Canaveral, Florida during a four-hour launch window that opens at 11:33 p.m. EDT on Sept. 9 (0333 GMT on Sept. 10). [Watch Live] Sept. 10: A Japanese H-2B rocket will launch the seventh H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV-7) from the Tanegashima […]