About Khayam Planetarium

Khayam planetarium in Neyshabur is the biggest planetarium in Iran with 30 meter diameter dome (28 meters screen), and 420 seats. It is located next to Omar Khayam tomb-the great Iranian poet, mathematician, and astronomer who developed the most precise calendar called Jalali. The planetarium complex is extended in a field near 8000 square feet.

This planetarium has one opto mechanical and eight digital projectors all manufactured and installed by Zeiss Company.
Projections can be carried out with the “SkyMaster” projector which replicates celestial scenes. Using eight digital projectors, we show celestial events in the past and future, and simulate space travel.

Khayam planetarium in Neyshabur
All the work involved in providing starry sky projections including research, planning, program structuring, image creation , music compilation, computer programming, and more is actually done by the Education Department of the planetarium. We invite you to come and enjoy the live narrations from our narrators and a starry sky that is as close as possible to the real thing.
The planetarium is also equipped with a sound system exclusively designed for planetarium spaces. Music is quietly played as you watch a sky full of stars and listen to the narration with sound that is specially-processed and natural.
There are three departments in this complex including the Astronomy Department, Science and Musuem Departments. Different teams are working hard to present some memorable shows for the audiences.

The Museum offers a wealth of exciting opportunities to learn, develop and achieve amazing things. In Science Department some of the physical laws are simulated in an astonishing way so that both children and adults can watch and learn the laws of universe in front of them. And the Astronomy Department holds sky observations, multiple astronomical programs and shows, and of course the planetarium presentations. The projection shows are categorized as general, for adults, for children, teaching courses and movie nights. Groups can also choose a show and have a VIP show only for them.
Our team can deliver awe-inspiring, interactive experiences that visitors will remember long after your event is over. Whether you want hands-on experiments in a tent or stage performances, you can pick and choose from our activities to create a package that suits you.